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Altis Group of Companies LLC has been operating in glass processing and construction sector since 2005. The company has achieved many successes during its 13-year activity. Thus, the company has recently become one of the most well-known companies in the Azerbaijani glass producing market. It should be noted that the construction sector in Azerbaijan, like other countries, is growing rapidly and there is a need for the use of modern products. In the beginning, the demand for the construction of rotary, non-flammable, heat and cold-proof, practical and inexpensive plastic door and window systems made with new technology instead of old wood, iron doors and windows used in buildings to meet the modern standards is increasing. The advantages of plastic door and window systems are the regulation of room temperature, dusty air to the room, and longevity. Therefore, our company uses the latest technologies in the collection of plastic door and window systems in Azerbaijan, providing our customers with long lasting and high-quality products. We would like to note with pride that Altis Group of Companies has become a company in Baku, a big and connected area, with modern standards, completely automated technology, increasing its production capacity every month. Most of the production meets the needs of the domestic market in Azerbaijan. The rest of the world is being exported to foreign markets. Altis Group of Companies has built its factory with the international understanding of quality and does not have any adverse effects on the live environment in the environment during production.

In short, Altis is one of the leading companies in Azerbaijan for the production of Group of Companies. Our company is well-known in the international arena.


The company mainly operates in the following areas:


• Cutting and packing of glass

• Window tempering and lamination

• Glass bottles and decorative work

• Manufacturing and installation of automatic flat and radiated glass doors

Aluminum door and window systems processing and installation

• Manufacturing and installation of plastic doors and windows

• Sale of aluminum profiles and accessories of different types

• Sale of various types of plastic profiles and accessories

• Sale of aluminum composite panels

Our company successfully uses the most advanced technologies in the world in the field of shades and construction projects in various projects in Azerbaijan. Our company is currently cooperating with well-known world-renowned companies such as SAINT-GOBAIN, GUARDIAN, PILKINGTON, AGC, VERSALUX, SHISECAM, KAVEH GLASS.

Altis Group of Companies has been cooperating with Germany's renowned REHAU, ROTO and KURTOGLU, VHS and others since 2013.

Altis Group of Companies aims to serve its customers with zero error.


First of all, having customer satisfaction, having a corporate identity, focusing on the protection of the environment and nature, offering new products to the market with professional cards, and having a company known both in Azerbaijan and in the world.


Our goal is to be a well-known company in the country, region and the world market, to produce high quality and affordable products that meet the needs and requirements of our customers.

Improve our products by using new technologies and ensure our customers' satisfaction in the world market. Conquering new markets and becoming a leader in building materials production.


Our values guide us in what direction we will work today and in the future.

To our customers:

• Quality service and care;

• Take into account wishes and desires;

• Provide products with high quality and affordable price.


Our future plans:

• gain new achievements;

• Increase product varieties;

• apply the latest technologies;

• Being socially and socially useful.


ALTIS GROUP of Companies, producing PVC window and door systems, PVC profiles, glass processing, aluminum construction materials, knows the environmental protection responsibilities and carries out all the security measures with great enthusiasm. We work to plan and take action to identify the impact of production activities on the environment and to prevent possible adverse effects in all stages and processes during production. ALTIS Group of Companies will continue to be sensitive to environmental protection in its future activities.

To achieve this goal;

Comply with all local and international environmental and administrative regulations regarding environmental protection

Establishing generally accepted environmental management systems and allocating resources and ensuring sustainability for effective implementation,

To use energy and natural resources in the most appropriate way,

To comply with the environmental criteria and to control the adverse effects of these substances in the raw materials and aids used,

Maximum recycling with contamination prevention, waste reduction, and source separation,

Increasing knowledge about this, informing and promoting employees' environmental awareness,

To review environmental factors in new investments and projects,

Always keep the principle of sustainable development of environmental protection.

Every year, we set new goals for a clean environment and a healthy future.

We aim to maximize the generation waste, work on new methods, implement projects that are friendly to nature, prevent environmental pollution and maintain the nature protection systems.


© 2018 Altis Group of Companies. ​

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