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The glass is the main part of the window and should be an individual approach to it. The choice of glass should include nuances such as the color of the window, the thickness of the profile, the overall size of the window, the environmental impact of the house (object) (wind, day, rain, etc.).

Our company has a unique place in the field of glass. We are carrying out glass processing in large and indoor areas. Our factory is equipped with the most advanced technologies in Europe with half and fully automated technology. Our equipment is manufactured in a comfortable and high-quality way at first glance, with very difficult solutions. Our glass processing assortments are as follows.

- processing of single glasses

- Processing of single-cell and double-glazed glass packages

- Tablets and glass bottles (tempered glasses)

- Processing of laminated glass (multi-seat safety glass)

- Processing of conventional glass packages (silicon and bonded glasses)

- Decorative and CNC cutting glass (sand, matt, vinyl, glass doors, etc.)

Glass and auxiliary materials used in the manufacture of above-mentioned assortments are products of foreign countries that meet all standards of high quality and certification. One of the most important factors for our company is quality and customer satisfaction.


  • Superior thermal insulation properties;​​

  •  Superior sound insulation characteristics;

  •  Fighting with damaging sun rays

  • Operation and service convenience

  • Longevity


It is evident that firstly, the phases should be considered prior to the manufacturing of the product, and then sequent phases must be completed according to the standards. Glass cutting is an important step in almost each production process and thus, each product is subject to the cutting process. That is because the dimension required is obtained upon the cutting process. Since our Company applies European equipment during cutting, our error rate is 0.001% in total. Maximum cutting size is 6000 mm x 3300 mm, which is the biggest size as complying with the international standards.

Minimum and maximum cutting thickness is between 3 mm -19 mm, which meets the global standards


Altis Glass Laminate Advantages


Sound insulation: the film interferes with noise penetration


Safety: in case of destruction glass is not scattered


Functionality: heat-saving and sunlight protection


Protection against mechanical impacts, penetration and breaking


Resistance to corrosion, attrition, atmospheric precipitation


Protection against ultra-violet radiation

When we think of glass cutting, we firstly imagine transparent and pure glass. To conclude that, glass is a symbol of transparency, purity, and clarity. That is why one of the inevitable phases following glass cutting is glass washing in the glass production sector. For ensuring the qualitative glass washing, the most advanced European equipment is used by our Company. Interestingly, the water being used within glass washing process is filtered through Reverse Osmosis Systems (Systems of Space Rockets). By PH value being reduced to 0%, absolutely perfect and spotless purity is obtained.

Laminated - — the laminated glass which consists of two or more glasses jointed together by a special film. After a striking glass can burst, but splinters will remain on the laminating layer, reducing the risk of people wound and glass loss.


Zərbəyədavamlılıq  xam şüşələrdən 5-6 dəfə dözümlü, əyilmə isə 2-3 dəfə çoxdur.


The glass is one of the most leading products in the modern century. Due to the constant escalation in prices of one of the energy sources, namely electric energy, people who tend to make the maximum use of solar energy and save electrical energy on heating systems, mainly utilize packaged glass products in the buildings and houses. Because packaged glass has thermal Conductivity 2.2 times less than ordinary glass. By using the latest technologies and new-type energy efficient glass, it is easily possible to increase this value up to 4-5 times. 

Our company uses the most advanced facilities and experiences on these issues. Our modern equipment facilitates the processing of glass packaging in dimensions up to 4200mm x 2400mm as much as possible. In order to ensure the non-existence of evaporation and condensation between packages due to the infiltration that might occur between the two glass, glass packages are insulated. Insulation works are carried out through the highest quality materials and special equipment according to the European Standards.

Both methods of insulation are applied in our company: silicon insulation (silicon filling) and polyurethane insulation (polyurethane filling).


effectively reduce the noise impact, which is important in especially noisy environments such as busy streets, highways, hotels at airports and railway stations


Breaking proof IGUs are designed to protect human life, guaranty of storage reliability and transportation of material assets. It excludes glass shards injuries when an unexpected blow or fall occurs. 


Energy-saving IGUs can reduce heat loss through the window. In the cold season make it possible to save on building heating


Sun control IGUs allow minimizing the intensity of the UV radiation level. During warmer months, the room does not overheat which reduces the cost of air conditioning"


Resistance to corrosion, attrition, atmospheric precipitation


Multi-function IGUs combine the sun and the energy-saving properties. In addition, if the sun and the energy-saving glass are tempered or are part of the laminated glazing, this acquires additional high-impact and noise protection properties

Tempered G

Tempered of glass in our company is realized by "NORTH GLASS" equipment. This equipment has the ability to temper the 3 mm-19 mm thick, 4200 mm x 2440 mm.

It is also possible to twist bottles of 2450 mm x 2000 mm and 6 mm radius. The advantage of tempered glass is increased resistance to shock and temperature changes and breaks down into smaller parts when the glass breaks, reducing the risk of human life.


It gives the sunlight a full swing


The absence of thermal shock when the temperature ranges from -150 ° to +300 ° C


When crushed, 1-10mm thick, the edges are divided into solid parts


High vibration resistance

Maksimal Ölçü

4200 mm x 2440 mm


One of the aesthetic works is glass decor and sanding in the

glass processing sector, which we frequently meet in our daily

life. Glass decor is realized through many methods, namely

vinyl coatings or sanding methods. Through vinyl cutting

equipment and sanding equipment, special patterns or decors

may be applied onto the surface of glass existing in our Company.


Glass doors, special ornamental glass etc. that we see in offices, stores and workplaces in our daily life, are subject to CNC cutting process within production, and they are introduced while it is ready for end-user. The maximum CNC sizes are up to 1200mm X 2600mm, which enables us to easily handle the challenging issues. CNC equipment has the capacity to process single-layer and multi-layer glass in the density of 4mm-300mm.

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